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Thank you for your interest in The Junior League of Bryan-College Station, Inc. Below is a brief overview of our membership requirements and the highlights of the time and fundraising requirements you can expect in your first year as a New Member.

If you are interested in joining or would like to learn more information, please complete the online Potential Member Inquiry form. To be considered for the 2020-2021 Accelerated New Member Class, ladies must be 23 years old or older by May 31, 2020and have all forms submitted by November 1, 2020 .

What is the time commitment when joining our League?

  • Our Accelerated Class starts in November. This is a fast-paced, 6-month condensed course that is for ladies who have the time to commit to multiple hours of meetings per month.
  • If you moved to the BCS area after our full-year class started, or did not find out about our organization until now, this class is for you!
  • Our full-year class is recommended for most women wanting to join JLBCS as it gives you the chance to take your time and slowly get to know our organization, but we know that schedules and life don’t always work out, so the Accelerated course is also available.
  • If you choose to join in November, you will attend one or more New Member Meeting each month. You will attend one General Membership Meeting each month as well. The General Membership Meetings are generally held the first Tuesday of each month with the New Member meetings on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Most meetings are held in the evening.
  • In total, approximately 80 hours will be spent on League activities, including meetings. This is a lot of time concentrated between November and March. Please make sure your schedule can accommodate these time demands.
  • To help with fundraising initiatives, approximately 24 volunteer hours (out of the 80 total hours) will go towards our fundraisers – A Night of Giving and Bargain Blitz. A Night of Giving will be held in December and Bargain Blitz in March.
  • Opportunities will be available to help with in-League Committees as needed.
  • The remainder of your time will be spent in the community working on current projects, as well as the possibility of a Provisional class designated project.

What is the financial commitment to joining our League? Below is an overview of current requirements.

  • One-time registration fee of $45.00 and Annual dues of $120.
  • Your total New Member dues ($165) will be due by November 30 and you will have Annual dues ($120) again in February for the next League year.
  • The $150.00 fundraising commitment for Night of Giving will be due by December 31, and can be reached in a variety of ways, including a monetary donation, raffle tickets sales, or as a sponsor.
  • A Bargain Blitz donation of goods in a value of $75 or more is required by the event date. (Only $25 in clothing donations may count towards your $75.) If you choose to not donate items, a monetary donation of $150 is due by March 31.

As we said, the Accelerated New Member class is a large time and financial commitment in a short, 6-month window, but if your schedule can handle it, we would love for you to join us!

We look forward to meeting you! Please fill out our New Member Inquiry Form for additional information!

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