Membership Information


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Thank you for your interest in The Junior League of Bryan-College Station, Inc (JLBCS). Below is a brief overview of our membership requirements including both the time and fundraising requirements you can expect in your first year as a new member.

To be considered for the 2023-2024 New Member Class, ladies must be 23 years or older by June 1, 2023 which is the start of the League year. If you are interested in joining or would like for someone to reach out with more information, please complete the online New Member Inquiry form.


In total, you will be asked to complete 30 ‘shifts’, attend a minimum of three (3) meetings, and attend a retreat during your New Member year. 

Shifts are composed of different types of opportunities within the organization providing you with an overview of JLBCS. A shift will vary based on the committee and its individual needs. A shift can be a set amount of time, or a shift may have a specific number of tasks required to be completed. 

Shift Requirements:

  • Placement – twelve (12) shifts – committee placement at the start of joining
  • Fund Development – six (6) total shifts – three (3) Charity Ball shifts and three (3) Bargain Blitz shifts
  • Community – six (6) total shifts – three (3) Stuff the Bus shifts and three (3) Load The Locker shifts
  • Engagement – six (6) shifts – General Membership Meetings (GMMs), Professional Development opportunities, other Community volunteer opportunities, extra shifts, additional meetings, etc.

Meeting Requirements:

  • Attendance at two (2) New Member Connect meetings 
  • Attendance at one (1) Board Meeting
  • Attendance at one (1) New Member Retreat

The Membership Development Committee and our online membership portal, Member Essentials, will help you track these requirements. The 30 shifts, three meetings, and retreat must be completed in order to be eligible for a new member to move to active member status at the end of their New Member year.


Below are the three financial commitments when a member joins JLBCS.

  • New member dues of $165 are due within 30 days of your start date. This total includes a one-time registration fee of $45 and annual dues of $120 for the current league year (2023-2024). Payment plans are available. 
    • Annual dues of $120 will be due by April 1, 2024 for the next League year (2024-2025). 
  • A $150 fundraising commitment for Charity Ball is due by December 31, 2023. This can be reached in a variety of ways, including raffle ticket sales, a sponsorship, or a monetary donation. 
  • A donation of goods in a value of $75 or more is required for Bargain Blitz by the event date (March 2024). (Only $25 in clothing donations may count towards your $75).
    • If you choose not to donate goods, a monetary donation of $150 is due by March 31, 2024.

New Members are able to join from June – November and still earn full time active status by May 2024. However, we highly encourage joining in June or July if you are able, as this is when a majority of members join and helps encourage a ‘class’ atmosphere.

Please fill out our New Member Inquiry Form for additional information. We look forward to meeting you!